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Computer Aided Security &Electronics (C.A.S.E.)


It is almost impossible to travel in Tulsa without seeing or being seen by the work our technicians performed.

Our technicians have installed Video systems in some of the most prestigious buildings and homes in Tulsa.

City Hall, Phillbrook Art  Museum, Performing Arts Center, Church of Saint Mary, Jewish Federation, Temple Israel,  The Mayor's Mansion, Tulsa Parks and Recreation Centers, Police Stations, 911 Center, OSU Forensics, OSU Tulsa, Just to name a few.

Our technical staff has participated in the design and installation of thousands of networked Video Systems and Access Control.

The president of our company has been actively involved in designing, building and servicing computerized security systems since the mid 80’s. The large display systems seen in the video were designed by him. He also wrote the original software for the City Hall monitoring center and was heavily involved in planning the entire system. Many of the Ideas and innovations developed for the City of Tulsa and other large scale Digital Video Systems have been adopted as the industry standard. Many different types of firms are licensed to install video surveillance. The phone companies and cable companies are now trying to get into the act.

Most do not have competent staff dedicated to performing the intricate task of installing, configuring, maintaining these networked systems.

Many cannot even retrieve video from the systems they sell as they lack trained personnel.

Unfortunately this creates an issue for you.  You will likely have to seek third party or manufacture support at some point or you may have to wait days for answer tp a simple question. 

These companies are forced to encourage clients to purchase brand specific equipment even when the equipment does not suit their need or price point.

There are many reasons for this but these are the most common.

The company personnel are trained only in one particular brand.

They have franchise agreement that limits them to one brand.

They lack expertise in other systems and need third party support.

They cannot get support from the manufacture without training from the manufacture and this is expensive for them.

None of these reasons help you or provide you with a solution .

The new breed of computer driven security and surveillance devices are heavily dependent upon your existing computer systems and networks. C.A.S.E. arose out of the need for security companies to have competent IT personnel to deal with this. Computer Aided Security & Electronics is not a by-product of an alarm company or fire company nor are we affiliated with a major chain. We are trained to deal with these new devices. We are also trained in computers and networks. We understand the demands these systems place on network infra-structure and we know how to overcome network issues that arise from the installation of these systems.

We also understand budget constraints and will strive to get you the best solution for the money.  We do not rely on wish full thinking, here say or brand specific requirements. We will survey your company’s network infra-structure and select a system most compatible with it. We will provide professional installation and service after the sale.

We have a broad understanding of these devices and the networks, smart phones and computers that support them.  We understand the different types of cameras and lenses and their uses. We are experts at integrating these systems into your existing network without interfering with your normal operation. We test each system we sell thoroughly before adopting them into our personal list of favorites. We will not sell you products that perform poorly. We will not guess at what you need to perform the task.

Our experience dates back to the mid 1980’s, at the birth of computer integrated security devices. Our president personally built the first digital video recorder used in a land mark case that the proved to the state of Oklahoma digital video could be introduce as evidence on its own merit. Our company consists of consultants Installers and network professionals.

We are capable of helping you form your security plans, getting budget numbers on time and

writing your system specifications.

We can help you identify your Surveillance, Access Control, and Network needs.

Our technicians are trained in network Technology and are capable of working with your IT to integrate these systems into your existing network.

We understand switches routers hubs and operating systems and we understand the demand these systems can place on your network and computer systems.

We can help you avoid many of the mistakes companies make when designing these systems. We Offer

Access Control

Video Systems


Networking and other Computer related services.

We have licensed and experienced Technician’s.

We are committed to satisfying our customers.